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Possible Duplicate:
What are the proximity bonuses for adjacent buildings and when do they apply?

I'm a bit confused as to how exactly adjacency bonuses work for the base.

If I place say 4 satellite uplinks in a row like this: X X X X

will that net me the same bonus as placing them in a square like this?


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In the case you show, the second arrangement will grant you a greater bonus than the first. With links represented by lines, in the first arrangement:


There are three links. In the second arrangement:

| |

There are four links.

For every two adjacent facilities, you will get the adjacency bonus, and a building can be in multiple adjacency pairs.

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Placing them in a square will net you one greater number of bonuses (whatever the bonuses are). Placing them in a line gives you three bonuses, as you have three adjacent links. Placing them in a square gives you four bonuses, as you have four adjacent links.

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