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In one later level of Mark of the Ninja, I have the option of pickpocketing a key off of an enemy. How exactly do I do this? I am able to get right up to the enemy, but my only option seems to be to kill him. FWIW, I'm playing on the PC.

Is pickpocketing a skill I have to unlock?

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It doesn't have to be unlocked, but it will only work in certain cases.

Assuming you're using the Xbox pad, just get (really) close to him, stealthy, and press the B (instead of X) button to steal instead of kill him.

Also, note that some players had troubles with the stealing feature.

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it also has issues with determining the correct distance. Sometimes you have to back up a step before allowing to pick pocket. – l I Jan 11 '13 at 22:41
Note that the video is broken – Basic Jul 21 '13 at 18:41

Don't use "E" button. Instead use right mouse click. And once the animation begins with mouse (the show which way to pull it) once again pull it and right click it.

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