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So I have played through Home, and while I tried to be as complete as possible I know I missed a few things, and I think at least some of what I missed was important.

I know it is ambiguous on purpose and people are encouraged to make their own story, but if you actually have a 100% complete playthrough and saw everything the game had to offer, I assume that enough is hinted at to get a pretty good idea of what actually happened? What did happen in the story before the start of the game?

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Since I asked the question, I will start. Please feel free to edit, steal from, or just completely ignore this partial answer.

Facts will be listed in some instances as certainties, ignoring the very possible chance of hallucinations (or the the protagonist is dreaming, remembering, etc.).

Info & Questions

  • The starting location contained a dead man and what appeared to be his long dead wife (also a unidentified skeleton a little latter).
    • From this area we can reasonably assume that some wife and husband pair existed, the husband murdered the wife and at some point became a serial murderer (possibly of women, hinted at near the end of the game).
    • Who was this man to the protagonist, was he the protagonist? The same books are at both this location and the protagonists house.
  • Next we encounter the sewers and a murdered sewer worker. He does not appear to have anything to do with anything, but the video tape shows two people attacking him. So we are looking for two murderers. We have two corpses of men, but no information about anyone other than Norman and the protagonist.
  • Throughout the entire game it is implied you are travelling back the path through the path you took to get the the first house.
  • Why is the water tower highlighted so often?
  • Two random (woman) campers are murdered right before the game begins, and there is a ominous list of women's names.
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