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I'm playing the tutorial, and got stuck at the "Do 10 tricks in a row" part. I've tried hard and long, but I seem to be unable to do 10 tricks in a row.

How do I do 10 tricks in a row in the tutorial level? Or: how do I do as many tricks as possible in a row, in general?

Note: I'm playing Jet Set Radio HD on the PC, and am playing with the keyboard.

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The trick to this challenge (and the ones that follow [30, and 50]), is grinding. You will continually rack up tricks as you grind.

The easiest way to do this in the tutorial is to follow a (somewhat) simple path of rails and walls for you to grind and ride, respectively. You can, with practice, make a continuous loop of the map, without ever really leaving a rail of one type or another. The following YouTube video details the path perfectly. It does take a bit of practice, though. It took me a good fifteen to twenty minutes of completely failing before I finally managed to get it right.

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