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Almost all stores in Australia are stocking the game only for Rock Band 3. I need to buy all of the instruments (except microphone) and have several things to weigh up:

  1. No Rock Band instruments are sold here except the wireless keyboard (AUD138.00 exclusive to EB Games for just the controller - expensive)

  2. Certain editions of Beatles Rock Band have the instruments but I can't find that sold anywhere online in Oz any more

  3. Could import from Gamestop or Barnes & Noble in the US but worried about shipping damage and it costs more - they won't ship bundles outside the US only individual instruments

  4. Guitar Hero 6 is in easy supply so could buy that or Band Hero even cheaper but not sure if the instruments are as good

I've been waiting to play the Rock Band series for a long time so I'd really appreciate help on this! Console is PS3 if that's important.

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There are huge problems with global distribution of the instruments, Europe and Australia simply have zero stock at this moment. –  Ivo Flipse Nov 3 '10 at 8:34
I like how you need to buy all the instruments, as opposed to want to buy them :) anyway, this question feels pretty localized - first of all it's local to Australia, and second it's probably a temporary shortage (or at least, let's hope it's temporary!) –  Oak Nov 3 '10 at 8:38
@Oak: My feeling is that it won't be temporary. Distribution of the Rock Band series in Australia has been poor since RB1 and Guitar Hero has always been dominant here. I've been waiting to play a Rock Band game since the series started but (mainly for physical space reasons) couldn't. Nothing will stop me with RB3... nothing!!! –  Alex Angas Nov 3 '10 at 22:15

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I've decided to buy a Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock instrument bundle and use that for Rock Band 3. It still doesn't get me the RB3 keyboard but I'll either try to import the MIDI controller to use with my existing full length keyboard, or the whole RB3/keyboard package to get around that.

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I ordered my pro guitar and copy of the game from overseas and with postage and insurance costs it ended up being about $379 total cost to me. I found this guy a bit later and bought the rest of the pro instruments and saved a fortune.


Hopefully it helps you avoid the same mistake I made.

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You should order it from america it is the easiest way and actually is cheaper than trying to buy from here the currency is almost dollar for dollar and the keyboard here is $130 where it is only $70 in America, you will save a lot of money buying from america although it will still come up to quite a hefty price but worth it for a rock band enthusiast.

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Thanks Michael, I did look at this but couldn't justify the cost. Especially the shipping! –  Alex Angas Dec 7 '10 at 0:02

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