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I am in a 5v5 ranked team and I discovered that you can't see the elo of it, after playing 3 games. But just like in solo queue, there must an estimated elo ranking.

Does anybody know where i can find this?

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Go to

Search for your Summoner Name and Under Tab Personal Ratings you will find columns called:

Team 3v3, Team 5v5

There you will see the name of your team and its rating.

My team has 0 games this season but I can see the rating. So it should work.

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Note that this only shows the elo of the highest elo team you're on. – Schism Jan 14 '13 at 19:02

Something that you must know before you check your stats - first few ranked games are not shown because of Elo raiting system specyfic. With so few data about team the value is inacurate and missleading so don't care about it too much!

You can check such data for example;

  1. Lolbase - Free
  2. Lolking - Free
  3. Lolstatistics - Free
  4. Elobuff - Paid one

Elo shines after 20 or more games. So keep on playing!

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