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Kudos and Diamonds in top bar

  1. What are they?
  2. What do they do?
  3. How can I earn them?
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Kudos and Diamonds are the two different currencies of AirMech used for buying things in the game.


Kudos (Kudos Coin) is the main currency of the game.

  • It is earned by completing a game Match Victory Screen
  • It is used to buy functional items in the game and some (very few) cosmetic items.
  • Anything bought with Kudos can also be bought with Diamonds.


Diamonds (Diamond) are the premium currency of the game (bought with real money).

  • It can be earned by paying money or by the completion of certain quests (usually VIP only). There are many other ways to earn Diamonds through various in-game events. VIP Quest Rewards (With Silver VIP)
  • Diamonds can be used to buy (almost) anything in the game including cosmetic items.
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