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There is a flag on Dante's jacket, I first noticed this during the cut scene at the end of the first level. The flag is a sown on patch kind of thing, and is on his upper left arm. This flag was a flag of the United Kingdom.

Dante's jacket with the UK flag

However, I find it strange he would have a British flag, but as I am in England I wondered if this was in fact something that changes based on your location (or possibly regional settings). If so then I think it is a really nice touch.

Can anybody confirm if this does change based on you location? or via any other settings?

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It's there because the Union Jack is often used as a punk symbol, due to the genre's British origins. –  user41431 Jan 25 '13 at 17:36

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Given the pictures found over Google images, it looks like the UK flag is just part of the character design of Dante.

There is also a side note about this flag on the DmC Wikia:

The Union Jack patch on the arm of Dante's coat was Ninja Theory's small way of adding in a nod to themselves as their offices are based in the UK.

But I 100% agree with you: it would've been a great idea to geolocalize the flag ;)

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