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During my first (of three) playthrough of Mass Effect 1, I encountered a strange... bug? that has since prevented me from attaining a couple of achievements.

To elaborate: during the final sequence - the approach to the boss fight, specifically - I was making frequent saves. During said sequence, I reached level 50, which should have unlocked an achievement. It did not. I didn't notice immediately, however. I did not finish the sequence the first time, and put it down for the night, but the next day when I tried to load my save files my Xbox told me the file had been corrupted, and I was forced to load from an earlier save and do the sequence over again. I finished it this time. However, the Level 50 achievement still did not unlock.

In subsequent playthroughs, I reached as far as level 56, but the achievement in question did not unlock. Is there any way I can fix this problem, and gain the achievement and it's Mass Effect 2 bonuses?

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If you're able to level past 50, you should have the achievement. It's what unlocks the 50-60 range to begin with. – Shadur Jan 17 '13 at 8:45

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