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The first dog I took to my house, my kids asked if they could keep him so I said yes and now he lives in my house. I think that was Bran. It was one of the Dawnguard dogs, anyway.

I now have Sceolang (the other Dawnguard dog) following me, but my kids never comment on him. Does that mean I can't keep Sceolang in my home as well, or do I just have to wait a certain length of time before they'll ask about adopting him?

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Don't take my word for this, but I thinks you can have a pet per child , so therefore if one child owns bran, then the other should have a dialogue to have sceolang as a pet. If you speak to the child without the pet the it should have a dialogue option that Is the same or similar to how the first child got a pet.

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You can't get two dogs one pet is for you to have and the other is for a child to bring. Children will ask and bring random times a pet home. But anyways so no you can't have two dogs. (Would be nice ill say that)

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