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I'm running around Cassardis looking for Tomlin for the An Innocent Man quest. However, Tomlin just can't be found - anywhere!

I've run around for about an hour and checked every single building, slept twice to see if he's around at night, but the little bugger just doesn't want to be found!

I fulfil all the prerequisites for the quest, I'm pretty sure he hasn't been killed, and this being my second play through means I need to find him for that damned achievement.

Any suggestions on where I might find him?

Points of interest that I've checked:

  • The stairs north of the beach
  • The chapel
  • The chieftains house
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Okay, he wasn't here every other time we checked, however he was in Chief Adaro's hut; but not standing up where you'd expect him to be. This is why we missed him:

Absolute lazy git was lying down, we just ran right past him!

So basically, when you're running around and looking, check he's not passed out on the floor like he was here.

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