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Does the game roll for my dodge chance when the enemy weapon is fired, or when it would hit my ship?

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Dodge chance takes effect differently depending on whether or not you have shields.

  • If you have no shields, dodge is calculated when your ship is about to be hit.

  • If you do have shields, dodge is calculated when they are about to be hit.

This may seem like a trivial distinction, but there is one important result of this: Missiles. Even though missiles bypass shields, the dodge is still calculated as the missile passes the shield barrier.

So if you are using a Cloaking Device, use it before things hit your shield.

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Does this also hold true for enemy ships? If I hit their engine bay (with other shots closely behind), does the evade chance get recalculated for each subsequent shot? – Robotnik Aug 12 '13 at 13:10

It seems to be when the shots are about to hit your ship. I use my cloak right after the enemy fires its volley which takes my evade to around 90%-105%, giving a hit free volley cycle for me every time.

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