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When you first start Euro Truck Simulator 2 you are given your choice of your "favourite" truck design. Your choice here decides on which dealer is made visible to you on your map at the start of the game.

Because of this I know that Scania have a shop in Hannover, what I was wondering is where are all of the other truck dealers?

In which cities can I find their shops?

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This list should contain all dealers from both the base game as well as the Going East DLC:

Big dealers:

  • DAF: Glasgow, Amsterdam
  • IVECO: Frankfurt am Main, Wien
  • MAN: München, Berlin
  • MAJESTIC: Stuttgart, Genève, Warszava
  • RENAULT: Paris, Praha, Budapest
  • SCANIA: Milano, Manchester, Hannover
  • VOLVO: London, Luxembourg

Small dealers:

  • DAF: Cardiff, Bremen, Leipzig, Salzburg, Zürich
  • IVECO: Torino, Grimsby, Hamburg, Brussel
  • MAN: Edinburgh, Birmingham, Dortmund, Calais, Bern, Kraków
  • MAJESTIC: Bratislava, Szczecin, Rotterdam, Plymouth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • RENAULT: Lyon, Düsseldorf, Felixstowe, Rostock
  • SCANIA: Aberdeen, Lille, Gdańsk, Strasbourg, Dresden
  • VOLVO: Verona, Nürnberg, Wrocław, Osnabrück
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Note: maybe this answer can be improved from , and maybe that wiki can be improved from this answer. – Denilson Sá Dec 23 '13 at 12:56

The accepted answer is somewhat out of date - a number of new truck dealers have been added, both in updates to the base game as well as a new DLC, and the game no longer distinguishes between big and small dealers. However, since my attempts at improving the existing answer are being rejected, I'm posting the up-to-date information as a separate answer. Not ideal, but there you go.

The list below contains all of the truck dealers from both the base game as well as the Going East and Scandinavia DLCs:

  • DAF: Amsterdam, Bergen, Bremen, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leipzig, Salzburg, Zürich
  • IVECO: Brussel, Frankfurt am Main, Grimsby, Hamburg, København, Torino, Wien
  • MAN: Berlin, Bern, Birmingham, Calais, Dortmund, Edinburgh, Kraków, Linköping, München
  • Mercedes-Benz: Bratislava, Genève, Kalmar, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Plymouth, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Szczecin, Warszawa
  • RENAULT: Budapest, Düsseldorf, Felixstowe, Lyon, Oslo, Paris, Praha, Rostock, Szeged
  • SCANIA: Aberdeen, Dresden, Gdańsk, Hannover, Lille, Manchester, Milano, Stockholm, Strasbourg
  • VOLVO: Göteborg, Graz, London, Luxembourg, Nürnberg, Osnabrück, Verona, Wrocław
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