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So I've been through watching the videos on YouTube to find out how to do this ball-buster of an achievement. Me and a friend thought we'd try out doing it two player seeing as it's been proven that it's possible.

We finally got the Avogadro under the pylon and killed him with the galvaknuckles in the hope that he would travel up the pylon and we could continue. But he didn't go up!

Does he have to be killed with the EMPs? Are we really expected to repeatedly try again until we get the EMPs out of the box? Seriously?


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Yes the Avogadro has to be killed with the EMPs while its under the tower, there is no other way.

p.s. I am pretty sure that it has to be done with 4 players.

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It is confirmed. I have first killed the Avogadro with just galvaknuckles but he did not travel up the tower and I could not continue the easter egg. It must be an EMP grenade that he is killed with. Thanks to KillerRabbit but I did it with just two players myself so 2-4 players are necessary.

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