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The "Research Camera" article at the BioShock wiki states:

Brute Splicers stop appearing for a portion of the game, although they re-appear near the end, so it is important to research them sooner rather than later.

I would like to make sure to fully research Brute Splicers before they stop appearing (as they'll only appear again near the end of the game).

At what portion of the game will Brute Splicers stop appearing? (Before they re-appear near the end of the game.)

Note: Can't find any info about this at the "Brute Splicer" article at the BioShock wiki.

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Forget Brute Splicers - the Spider Splicers disappearing is a much bigger problem. Researching them is the only way to get the very useful final "fast-movement" tonic, but they stop appearing about half way through the game and don't come back near the end. I was stuck walking slowly the whole game. – MGOwen Sep 16 '13 at 4:48
@MGOwen You might want to ask another question about that. =) – galacticninja Sep 16 '13 at 5:03

As far as I can remember from my game, the Brutes stop spawning when you reach

Fontaine Futuristics

and start respawning (huge loads of them) at the very last level of the game, so you better complete the research before you reach that level!

I'm sorry I could not provide a valid linkable source for this, but there seems to be none around except forums where people posts their gameplay experience

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Could you link to those forum posts? From my personal experience and from reading some walkthrough guides, Brute Splicers stop appearing at Dionysus Park, which is an earlier level than Fontaine Futuristics. – galacticninja Jan 25 '13 at 2:42
Edited and added one of them as a link :) – Samuele Mattiuzzo Jan 25 '13 at 8:17
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I failed to finish researching Brute Splicers by a few points, before they stopped appearing.

From my experience, they stop appearing at Dionysus Park (the sixth level). So make sure to fully research them before leaving Siren Alley (the fifth level), if you want to get the research rewards, including the Armored Shell 2 gene tonic at an earlier part of the game.

They will re-appear again near the end of the game (at the final levels, Outer Persephone and Inner Persephone).

Source: Personal experience, and from verifying it at the walkthrough guides at GameFAQs. The walkthrough guides don't mention Brute Splicers appearing at Dionysus Park, and mentioning them appearing again near the end, at Persephone.

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