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As the title says, where can I find Stardrops?

I'm having no trouble with drops / stealing for Planetdrops, Moondrops, and Sundrops, but I haven't had any luck with Stardrops. And, as it turns out, it seems that most of the familiars I'm using need Stardrops for the metamorphosis.

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I believe I read in the Wizard's Companion that they take star crystals to make. However, I'm not sure where to get those. I've heard they're in Billy Goat's Bluff, from foraging or ThunderByrdes, but I can't confirm it just yet. – Coronus Jan 29 '13 at 22:51
I've found the Valley of Tears to be the best place to farm them. The Deep Fries in Old Smokey and the Wishing Whambats on Teeheeti Island drop them as well. – Krazer Jan 30 '13 at 15:13
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Here is a list of creatures, and their habitats, that possess Stardrops:

  • Bighorn - Skull Mountain
  • Gruffian - Nevermore
  • Tadabout - The Winter Isles
  • Deecee - Sea - The Spring Realm
  • Wishing Whambat - Teeheeti
  • Horrid Floret - The Spring Isles
  • Deep Fry - Old Smoky
  • Megalith - The Vault of Tears
  • Shonky-Honker - Castaway Coast
  • Bone Ranger - Ghostly Gorge
  • Zombo - The Tombstone Trail
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