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If there is a mod installed on two Terraria clients on two different computers, can one client host a server while the other joins with the mod working?

For example:

My friend and I both have the Obsidian mod, but we usually play in single-player mode. We would like to play the mod on multiplayer. Can he host a server and have me be able to join?

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While it does appear to be possible using a tConfig server, I can't figure out how... – SaintWacko Jan 29 '13 at 14:54
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It is certainly possible. You both just need to have the same mods active.

However, you say you're using the Obsidian mod, and from what I remember there is a part of that mod that is strictly single-player only (specifically, the Parallel Worlds pack), so it may not work as you want it to. Otherwise, running mods in multiplayer is fine.

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