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I just installed Spec Ops: The Line on Steam. When I try to start it, I get a "Sync Out Of Range" error on my monitor.

How do I fix this?

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This error is caused by the game using a resolution that your monitor is incapable of displaying.

To fix the Sync Out Of Range error in Spec Ops: The Line, follow these directions:

  1. Right click "Spec Ops: The Line" in your Steam library
  2. Click Properties
  3. Under the General tab pick "Set Launch Options"
  4. Insert the following text into the box:


  5. Run the game

  6. Adjust the resolution in the options screen to your monitor resolution

  7. Quit the game

  8. Remove the launch options

  9. Restart the game

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Here is the fix for "Sync out of Range Error" in Spec Ops: The Line:

Right Click on "SpecOpsTheLine.exe" and select "Properties" option. The default path section will read as "C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Spec Ops The Line\Binaries\Win32"

Target section in Properties window must read exactly this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Spec Ops The Line\Binaries\Win32\SpecOpsTheLine.exe"

Now you need to add " -windowed" in target section without quotes after "C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Spec Ops The Line\Binaries\Win32\SpecOpsTheLine.exe"

After adding, the Target section will read something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Spec Ops The Line\Binaries\Win32\SpecOpsTheLine.exe" –windowed."

After completing and saving these changes, run Spec Ops: The Line and change the resolution.

Once done with changing resolution, remove " -windowed" from Target section and save the changes once again..

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Is this the fix for the non-steam version? – Steve V. Jan 30 '13 at 1:58

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