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Warlords can now have up to 3 skills. But what are the effect of having multiple skills that are the same?

For example, if my warlord has Triple Strike with a 30% proc rate, and I add another 2 Triple Strike skills both with 30% proc rate. Will this mean an overall 90% proc rate? or will it take the highest (i.e. 30%)? or some other formula perhaps?

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In the help section of the game it stats that adding multiple skills to a warlord does NOT increase the chance of a proc occuring.

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According to this forum post,

You can only have 1 Opener , 1 Support, 1 Attack type of skill from my understanding. Even if your able of adding lets say 3 attack skill, the game will only choose 1 of them 3 to fight in the battle at random so it's useless to have 2 of the same skill because only 1 of them will be selected at random and it will be a 30% proc. This also goes for 2 buffing skills only 1 will be selected at random.

The proc rate will also stack if the skill is the same. Since you have Triple Strike 3 times, it will in fact have a 90% proc rate.

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I missed that first part of the question. Disregard this until I update it. – VanBuzzKill Jan 29 '13 at 20:01
Yeah this is actually a huge area of debate. People are publishing statistics and asking Dena but no one can confirm that having 3 of the same skill will guarantee a "Theroetical" 90% or 3 chances of 30% proc. I want someone to confirm this so bad. – Jimmy Feb 14 '13 at 1:27

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