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So I was exploring Harathi Hinterlands and I came across this massive door in Hidden Ourobon. Does anyone have any idea what it's for or if it can be opened? There appears to be a chamber behind it.

There was an event to kill Kol Skullsmasher so I guess it could be to do with that?

Rune blocked door Map location

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In the case of this particular 'door', you can access the other side easily enough by walking through the centaur village 'Modniir Gorge' to the north. You walk down a pathway into a cave and can stand on the other side of the 'door' and look back into Hidden Ourobon. Not sure why they would put a short cut between the village and hidden Ourobon or how you open it but seems more likely to be tied to an event rather than a future portal imho.

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You're right, confirmed myself on Tuesday night :) Odd that it should be blocked off. Perhaps it was open before they put the Champion event in.… – David Yell Feb 7 '13 at 9:59

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