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I got the Game Boy Wars game, but with no manual or instructions, and I don't know how to use some pieces (like the AA1-COBRA).

Is there a "how to play" or instructions somewhere? I couldn't find it still.

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I made an English manual for Super Famicom Wars a while back, and I've just recently taken interest in playing Game Boy Wars Advance. I'll see if I can't create something equivalent for this game, too. – JamesTheAwesomeDude Dec 22 '15 at 20:46
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Game Boy Wars was only released in Japan, so any official documentation is necessarily only in Japanese.

Nintendo of Japan does have a website about the game, which includes some basic information on the different unit types. If you don't read Japanese, then this is of course not very useful, although Google Translate or Excite Japan (pick 日→英) may help.

As an alternative, you may be able to glean enough information from the other titles in the series, such as Famicom Wars, where GameFAQs has a unit guide, or one of the sequels, [Game Boy Wars 3] for the Game Boy Color, where there are several FAQs.

If you want any official English material, Nintendo of America has downloadable manuals for the Advance Wars games released for the Nintendo DS, and replacementdocs has manuals for the GBA titles - these games were of course released quite a bit later in the series, and are bound to differ in many ways, but they may still provide enough information to cover your specific problem.

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