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While playing with a mace based character, I've noticed the proc "Crushed Bones" when hitting a monster with mace skill at level 3.

On the wiki for mace skill there is no mention of this proc.

While there is a page on crushed bones, I don't see that skill in any of my skills.

I am currently at skils:

  • Macery 4 (though I saw it at 3 skill 3)
  • Bezerker Rage 1
  • Flash-shaping 1
  • Mathematigic 1
  • Magic Training 1
  • Smithing 3
  • Emomancy 1

(Its a pure random skill set)

Am I just seeing things? or am not seeing something obvious? or is the wiki lacking (I'd rather not be editing the wiki based on my suppositions alone)?

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According to master game file (skillDB.xml), Crushed Bones debuff has 8% chances to occur on target hit starting from the skill Mace Rehearsal (level 3 of mace skill).

Maybe it has been added in a patch or in an extension, explaining the outdated wiki page

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I know this is really late, but answering in case of googles.

As of January 2015, crushed bones applies:

-2 burliness -4 nimbleness -2 melee pwr -5 block -3 armour

Duration 68 turns

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