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I have in the past purchased Street fighter 4 AE; I think I used to own a hard copy, but not anymore.

I logged into my Windows Live account on Xbox Live's website and I saw that I had Achievements in the game. Which means that my Windows Live account does have a Street Fighter 4 AE CD key attached to it.

How do I re-download the game if I haven't purchased it from the Windows live site?

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If you owned the game as a CD then you need a CD to play it. You can't just download it for free.

You can check if you purchased the game online at

  • click on "My Account"
  • click on "Billing History"
  • enter your login credentials (you will end up at
  • click on "Transaction"
  • adjust search criteria and click the "search" button.

There you should see something like "Street Fighter 4 AE: Xbox 360 Edition" as the description with a "Purchase" transaction type.

If it's there you should simply be able to download the game again either via or directly from your Xbox.

I think this is the link to the game you're talking about:

However, if it's not an online purchase then you need the CD to play it again.

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am talking about the PC version – Dr.Denis McCracleJizz Feb 4 '13 at 21:24
Games for WIndows live implies PC. – deutschZuid Feb 4 '13 at 21:30

The version you purchased was the retail Windows version not the on-demand version from These are considered separate. Therefore, you have the following options:

  • Find the original disc
  • Borrow one from someone you know
  • Purchase from
  • Purchase the retail version again
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