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After finishing the game, there is still a large square at "The End", is there more than one exit here?

enter image description here

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In the entire map there is one path to The End from The Escape, and that is the west entrance to The End. We also know that there is an exit from The End that leads to the actual end area. The simplest explanation is that the east exit from The End is that exit, and that the game does not register it when you do. Since there are no other exits from that room, I would infer that there are no other secret exits.

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by completing the game and starting it up again, [unless you have a version that doesn't save your progress] you can see from the map that the only thing connecting to "The End" is a dead end room, marked by a circle. this dead end is the final sequence of the game, involving the domes, the black cube and the antichamber logo

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