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So I murdered a cop for his uniform the other day. I had planned to use it to infiltrate a strip club and murder the owner, but on the way, I realized that I'd be better off dressed as a bouncer. Luckily, there was a bouncer in a secluded area nearby. I let the alive out of him and absconded with his uniform.

A minute later I activated a checkpoint. Shortly afterward, I got killed.

"Aha!" says I. "I'm still wearing the bouncer disguise!". Expecting (reasonably, one might say) the area to still be clear, I ran through and was promptly shot to death by the bouncer, miraculously re-alive and not even a little bit stabbed (or naked)!

What elements of the world reset after I respawn at a checkpoint?

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I wouldn't really know, i never respawned at a checkpoint, when feces hit the fan I just start killing anything that moves. But are you sure it is not a different person? – Lyrion Feb 6 '13 at 10:37
Yeah, things do respawn if you use a checkpoint. – Ben Feb 6 '13 at 15:44
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From the IGN Hitman: Absolution Wiki, "Checkpoints" article:

Mother-effing Checkpoints - How Do They Work?

Checkpoints in Hitman Absolution only record objectives completed, the items (and ammo) currently carried by 47, his disguise, and his starting location.

Nothing else is saved, due to the plasticity in the A.I. routes (targets speed up / slow down their paths as 47 is far / near a spot where they perform a specific task).

Use checkpoints to your advantage for completing challenges. Sneak to a checkpoint and "start" the mission closer to a target (for example, Death Factory's Testing Facility) or a spot where you can complete several challenges quickly without having to travel all the way across the map.

Note that checkpoints do not work if enemies are fully alerted to 47's presence.

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