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I have recently built a nether reactor next to my house and a ton of obsidian spawned messing up my beautiful house and not letting me sleep. Please help!I also have 3 diamond picks and a ton of TNT which I know won't work.

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First, get the newest version of Minecraft PE. Obsidian forming from Nether Reactors was a bug that was fixed.

If you're talking about Glowing Obsidian this should be able to be broken with a Diamond Pickaxe (the same is the case with regular Obsidian, for that matter).

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Nether towers are made out of nether which break really easily and can be blown up by TNT They are not made up of obsidian

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Please tell us more about this "nether" block. – Texenox Aug 11 '15 at 13:45

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