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In Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World (SNES version, if it matters), how do you activate the map in the top right corner?

I have a character with the cartography ability, but still got no map there.

In the Wikipedia it says:

The game introduced an automap feature to the series, activated by training a character in the cartographer skill.

I guess this refers to Menu → "Auto-Map". This opens a full-screen map. (Do you get this map only if you know cartography?!)

At minute 4:00 you can see that the "radar" map gets activated when the player drinks from the fountain in Middlegate (Drink from the fountain of Clairvoyance?). However, this effect lasts only until your party rests.

In which other ways can this map be enabled? Is there a spell? An ability? An item?

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You're are looking for the spell "Wizard Eye" (Sorcerer level 3). I don't remember if M&M2 used the same system as M& case it does, it's spell 3-6.

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