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Slight spoiler alert!

The pillar in the middle of Laying the Foundation room is actually a path to a semi-secret room with... a formula.

Laying the Foundation

I've been to that room a number of times, but I cannot get there... consistently. When I WANT to get inside, it seems the small flying balls just don't open up the wall in a way to allow entry, making me run like a maniac for quite some time before, finally, a passage presents itself... then I usually botch the jump, it closes and I start the whole darn thing over.

Is there a sure-fire, consistent way to get inside that pillar?

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Since the ball movement is mostly random, not really. – SeinopSys Feb 9 '13 at 22:07
Duplicate. – Wok Feb 9 '13 at 22:30
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It's rather quite tricky to get it down, but the way I did it was...

Don't keep moving once you've already broken a lot of the cube. Let it regenerate, and try again. If you keep moving, it'll regenerate too much over any area you want to move through.

I found that only one of the sides consistently made a hole big enough to jump through. Move around, try to look for the hole, wait for the cube to regenerate, then move to where you saw the biggest hole. Then move around to break it open again, and usually it breaks open in a similar pattern as before.

Reference: NeoGAF.

One of the walls will regen slower than the others. Thats your best bet for getting in.

Reference: GameFAQs.

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I've checked and can confirm this works. One of the walls (the one towards the "exit door") regenerates at a lot slower pace than the others. Thanks! – Shaamaan Feb 9 '13 at 23:26

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