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I own an original copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PlayStation 3. I have encountered an error/graphical glitch that no one else on the internet seems to have.

The glitch is the following: in the snow level (where Price and the rest raid a submarine base), both in the campaign and special ops mode, when I select the UAV attack, the screen turns very bright, almost fully white (just the 3D, the HUD can be seen well). This is not only very annoying, but practically prevents me from using the attack because I have no way of seeing where it is going to hit, unless I make some really wild guesses.

At first I thought it was some added challenge, like the UAV camera being dazed by the snow, but after looking up some walkthrough videos on the internet I realized it was a glitch.

Anyone else found it? Does it have a fix? The game is updated to the latest version.

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