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I am playing on Casual mode, so I don't have permadeath enabled for my characters. If they die, I keep battling without them, but then I can use them in the next battle.

However, I noticed that when Chrom died, I got a game over instead of getting to continue the battle. I assume if my character dies, I will also get a game over.

Are there any other character deaths that will trigger a game over in battle?

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As with all of the Fire Emblem games, if the main Lord(s) die, there will be a game over. For Awakening, game over will only be triggered if Chrom or Avatar dies. If the other character dies, they will be gone forever in the Classic Mode (but you can still proceed with the game without them) or temporarily in the Casual Mode.

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Just out of curiosity: Does Marth's death trigger a Game Over as well? –  Nolonar May 24 '13 at 21:22
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