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As the Title states, How can I imprison Heroes or Extract them for that matter?

In the game it says to mark the Heroes by right clicking them with the option to either Send to Prison or Extract. It also Says to set your squads with the Prison Mark or Extract Mark depending on how you want them to handle it. I'm probably doing something wrong just can't figure it out.

Not sure what I did but I was able to imprison the last 3 heroes that attacked me. Somewhat confused now.

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Right-click a hero and select the ball and chain for imprisonment, or the skull and crossbones for extraction.

Note that you'll need an intact prison and/or extractor in order for the option to be available.

Also, choosing the archery target will move them to your training rooms so your minions can use them as live target practice - the only way for them to reach level 3 in the training room.

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I wouldn't consider this an answer. He already said he used the ball an chain icon on the heroes, so did I. My minions just kill them instead of taking them to the prison (even though the squad is also on jail duty from squad menu) – Kalec Feb 19 '13 at 19:18
Are you sure? Downed enemies always turn into loot bags. Your imp minions then haul them to the stockroom or prison or training rooms depending on what you ordered done. – Shadur Feb 20 '13 at 5:27

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