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There are a boatload of characters in "The Cave", and I see that each one has their own special power. However, the game doesn't really explain to you what those powers do. Some, like the Time Traveler's teleport are pretty self explanatory - but many others like the Monk's chanting or the Knight's angel stance seem much less obvious to me. I think it is safe to assume that all of these abilities are used to interact with objects, but I'd like an idea of what each one does - so I don't miss chances to use them.

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The Adventuer's special ability involves her use of a grappling hook/rope combination allowing her to swing over wide expanseses or to climb in areas where there is no other rope available. There must be a hook point present in order for her to use her special ability.


He have the ability to infinitely breath underwater.


Knight have the Guardian Angel ability making him able to fall from great distances, and be protected from damage.


The Monk's special ability is "Telekinesis". With this ability the Monk is able to move nearby objects to him, often times when they are behind walls.


She can hack consoles which you find across your journey.

Time Traveller

Her special ability is teleportation across a small distance, often through objects.


Their special ability is to place clones of themselves performing tasks. Such as using one to pull a lever, then place a clone copy so it continues to be held for some time.

Source: Characters

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