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I don't have any of the Items of the Month nor do I plan on donating for Mr. Accessories to buy any of the yearly familiars. How do I generate Adventures if I can't eat or drink? While I would normally buy any of these spleen items in a normal run (or buy them beforehand and pull them from Hagnk's), I can't do this in a Hardcore run. How do I generate turns in a Hardcore Oxygenarian run so I don't take twelve years to finish it?

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The KoL wiki has massive amounts of information on this. Get a Dead Guy's watch. Make a Meat Maid. If you are a Seal Clubber, or have permed it, used pulverize to get Twinkly wads.

(It'll still take forever, though.)

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There is also the Crimbco Handbook Ch 1 which gives 1 more adventure at Rollover. It is 375k in the mall right now. It only gives 1 adv, but I assume that is important in Oxycore. As Steven Burnap said, pulverize is also going to be very useful, since spleen will be a major source of adventures, and you have no spleen fams.

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