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Is there just some sexual content in the opening of DmC, or is it prevalent throughout the whole game or at least some other parts?

I don't want to a start a discussion about whether or not sex in video games is good or bad, I just wanna know.

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When the ESRB rates a game, they include information about the games content and why it received the rating it did. In the case of DmC Devil May Cry, they say the following on its sexual content:

Some scenes also depict sexual activity: scantily clad strippers dancing/gyrating provocatively with each other; a woman moving her head toward Dante's lap (fellatio is implied). During one cutscene, moaning sounds can be heard while a female character is bent over a table—a man is positioned behind her, though there is no actual depiction of the sex act. A handful of still images (i.e., concept art) portray women with exposed breasts and/or buttocks.

You can find the full break down of the rating on the ESRB website.

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My question is not "IF" there is sexual content, but where in the game. On some sources I read that there is just this explicit strong sexual opening and besides that no sexual content anymore. I just wanted to confirm that. – souichiro Feb 19 '13 at 6:00
@souichiro Most of this is at the beginning, but not all of it. There seem to be a few scandalous moments later in the game as well. If you want (and don't mind being spoiled) you can check out all the cutscenes in advanced – Ktash Feb 19 '13 at 7:12

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