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I have a selection in WorldEdit (Bukkit Plugin) that I would like to rotate horizontally (i.e. not around in circles). I can use //rotate x to specify the angle to rotate, and using //rotate 180 would produce the effect as shown below, but I'd like to get the end result, to rotate it around a different axis (probably the y or x instead of z).

Is this possible within WorldEdit?

enter image description here

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At the moment, Rotate command only rotates around Y axis(Or as you said, Z, depending where you draw them).

However, in here:

It is suggested to use either

//deform rotate(axis1, axis2, degrees)


  1. Select a cube containing your blocks. (height, width, depth on //size should be the same)
  2. //deform swap(x,y)


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The "select a cube containing your blocks" was key here, because I tried with my original selection (something like 7x7x1) and it mangled it badly, but once I selected a cube it worked perfectly. – tombull89 Feb 20 '13 at 11:01

Yes this is possible:

//deform rotate(axis1, axis2, degrees)

So in your case, I think you want

//deform rotate(x,x,90)

I haven't got it installed at the moment, so unable to quickly check.

Another suggestion is //deform swap(x,y)

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The bukkit command is "//rotate (y axis)" by default, but you can go further by "//rotate [(x axis) (z axis)]" so I rotated mine exactly like in your picture by typing in "//rotate 0 90 0" although you could spin it any way you want with that.

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