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For example: Would Zealot's Oath work with flasks or is it a seperate regeneration type?

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Zealot's Oath will not cause Energy Shield to regenerate when using Life Flasks. Flasks recover life rather than regenerating it. Regeneration and Recovery are treated entirely separately despite having similar effects

As a nail in the coffin here's a quote from Mark_GGG, one of the developers:

"Much more interesting for me is, whether it works with fixed amounts, too. Like the Armour and trinket affixes. Because that could be real strong. And awesome." - Cazychel

Yes, all life regeneration. Note that flasks and leech, among other things are not regneration. But anything which says it's life regeneration will work with ZO

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Uff... I hope this isnt true. Do you have more information to support your version? I mean did someone test it for real? Why does life recover flasks increase my life regeneration? – Stephan Schielke Mar 1 '13 at 15:38
@StephanSchielke There are many posts in the forum by people saying it doesn't work. This was the only post I could find by an official skill developer from GGG. If he is wrong then this would be a bug which would soon be fixed. – Annan Mar 1 '13 at 18:46

The flask "recovery" is not quiet the same as life regeneration. I just tested it.

The flask will increase your life-regeneration for X seconds:

flask regeneration

However... this will not work with Zealot. Zealot will NOT work with flasks and restore your energy shield, even if your ES-Recovery is triggered. I just tested this too. Your flask will heal your life and not your ES. Even if you trigger a flask during your normal ES-regeneration this will have effect at all to your ES-regeneration/s. The flask still regenerates your life.

Your normal life regeneration will be converted to a constant ES regen with Zealot: enter image description here

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Could be a suggestion that you can make to the game maker. It's still in beta remember? – deutschZuid Feb 25 '13 at 6:09

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