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After defeating Wizpig in space in Adventure 2 (and possible after the normal adventure; I can't quite remember as it's been some time since I've played), when the credits roll, there are times given for each of the levels. These times are extremely fast, and I remember only ever being able to beat one of them after a hundred tries or so.

What is the significance of these times? They are shown with no context, just a level-name and a time. Does anything special happen if you manage to beat them all?

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These are the Developer's best recorded times...

Defeat Wizpig for the second time. After the ending and credits, a series of times will be listed. These times are the best times recorded (in Time Trial mode) by Nintendo and Rare staff during the production of the game.

There is nothing special (in-game) for beating these times.

Source: Gamespot Tips link to quote is from.

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