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I've recently purchased a nice set of 6 Superior Runes of Scavenging for my flamethrower guardian build. However, I was wondering something. At 1 rune worn I get +28 condition damage, at 3 runes I get +55 condition damage and at 5 runes I get +100 condition damage. Do those bonuses stack (i.e. would I get +183 condition damage), or is only the last one applied (i.e. would I get +100 condition damage)?

Similarly, would I get +35% magic find or +15% magic find?

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Yes - the statistics provided by runes do stack. In the instance you're referring to with the Superior Runes of Scavenging, having six of these runes in your gear would apply all of the bonuses stated on the runes;

  • (1): +28 Condition Damage
  • (2): +7% Magic find
  • (3): +55 Condition Damage
  • (4): +13% Magic find
  • (5): +100 Condition Damage
  • (6): +15% Magic find; Increased Gold from Monsters

With all six runes, this would give you a total of 183 condition damage and 35% bonus to magic and gold finding.

This is detailed on the Guild Wars 2 wiki page for Runes.

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