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Yes, what decides the trigger chance and duration of Chill/Freeze, Shock and Ignite?

(I've heard that the duration scales off of damage and chance... well, that it's applied on every crit, but I doubt that and would like some confirmation.)

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I know stun (when you or a mob temporarily can't act after being hit) duration is determined by HP, at least in PvP (which is why CI builds are uncommon, because with 1HP it's easy to get stunned). – Shaamaan Feb 28 '13 at 8:48
This is all explained in the mechanics thread. Basically the ailments are applied when the mob crits, and the difference between being chilled and frozen is, in fact, determined by your HP. I'll have a formal answer citing the mechanics thread, in a few minutes. – user41604 Feb 28 '13 at 12:32
@MarcoLeblanc I was more curious of how I can apply the elemental ailments. Trying to make a melee shock build, and wondering whether to focus on crit chance or attack speed, because as I've stated, I'm not sure what nodes/weapons to look out for. – user1337 Feb 28 '13 at 15:43
@MarcoLeblanc Hello there, Mr. "a few minutes". I'm getting kinda anxious here xD – user1337 Feb 28 '13 at 17:06
@user1337 Sorry, I am at work and am busy today. is what you should be looking at, good luck. – user41604 Feb 28 '13 at 18:41
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Reference table

Effect   Element  Duration  Threshold  Critical only?
Chill    Cold     138ms/%   ~2%        No
Freeze   Cold     100ms/%    3%        Yes
Shock    Light.   276ms/%   ~1%        Yes
Ignite   Fire     4s         -         Yes
Stun     -        350ms     10%        No

In-depth answer

  • Ignite is applied by fire damage on a critical hit. An ignited unit takes another 20% of the original fire damage per second. Ignite always has a base duration of 4 seconds.
  • Chill is applied by all cold damage. Chilled actors move and activate skills 30% slower. Chill duration is based on the damage dealt (see below).
  • Freeze is applied by cold damage on a critical hit. Frozen actors do not move or act, but will resume their previous action when the status ends. Freeze duration is based on the damage dealt (see below).
  • Shock is applied by lightning damage on a critical hit. Shocked actors take 50% increased damage. Shock duration is based on the damage dealt (see below).
  • Stun has a chance to be applied by all damage (see below). Stunned actors do not move or act and will not resume their action after the status ends. Stun always has a base duration of 350 ms.

Chill, Freeze and Shock have a duration based on the amount of damage (of that particular element) dealt divided by the target's maximum life. The duration is determined by calculating the percentage of the target's max life that was dealt as damage and multiplying by a duration. For Chill the factor is 138ms, so a monster which was hit with cold damage for 10% of its max life would be chilled for 138 ms * 10 = 1.38 seconds. All these effects have a threshold of 300 ms - if the damage is so small that the duration would be shorter than 300 ms, the effect is not applied at all. The duration factors and corresponding thresholds are:

  • Shock: 276 ms =~ 1% of maximum life
  • Chill: 138 ms =~ 2% of maximum life
  • Freeze: 100 ms = 3% of maximum life

Stun instead has a chance to apply based on the total amount of damage for the hit divided by the target's maximum life. Again there is a threshold, and the chance to hit is disregarded unless the damage is at least 10% of the target's maximum life. A hit will always attempt to stun if it is at least 50% of the target's maximum life. Stuns can be avoided by Chance to avoid stun effects from passives (and probably some gear), Unwavering Stance's immunity to stun, and the inherent 50% chance to avoid stuns granted by having some Energy Shield remaining when the hit connects.

Maximum Life in all cases refers to the amount of life an actor would have before modification due to Chaos Inoculation or party size.

Some passives, curses, items, and gems can grant for example Chance to Shock, in which case the Shock status can sometimes be applied even on a non-critical hit. The duration would still be based on the amount of lightning damage dealt.

The duration of effects can be altered by for example "Increased Freeze Duration", or "Increased Stun Recovery". This will also reduce the threshold amounts appropriately. Similarly, "Reduced Enemy Stun Threshold" will reduce the 10%/50% thresholds.

The Elemental Proliferation effect means that actors will spread their status ailments to their nearby allies - if a monster walks close to a proliferating frozen monster, the first monster will also be frozen until the second one unfreezes or is removed (moves too far away or is shattered/exploded). Only the elemental effects (chill, freeze, shock and ignite) can be proliferated.

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I'm a year and a half late to answer your question, but maybe someone else will benefit! :) – Jacob Raihle Aug 28 '14 at 10:18
Not even a sauce link to the gamepedia page? Also, how about the relation between the non-crit based applications of elemental statuses from passive nodes and the duration of stun effects? Really, I've already visited that page quite a few times, and was kinda looking for something closer to a clarification of the content rather than... yeah, the content. – user1337 Sep 5 '14 at 14:48
@user1337 I'm not sure what you're asking about. Stun doesn't have any relation to other status effects. – Jacob Raihle Sep 8 '14 at 14:49
Sorry, I just seem to recall that I read a similar article somewhere. Not gamepedia though. Okay: You said that the shortest amount of time that an elemental ailment is 300ms, and that it's related to how much damage you dealth compared to actor's total life. So, what's the relationship? Also, I know stun doesnt relate to other effects. I asked about how long stun effects lasts (not in the original question though). – user1337 Sep 11 '14 at 14:35
@user1337 see my edit. Stun is 350 ms, Ignite is 4s, and the other effects scale linearly with damage dealt. – Jacob Raihle Sep 15 '14 at 12:09

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