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I recently tried TrackMania 2, via the Stadium open beta, and having picked a multiplayer server at random (well, with low ping and space) I was presented with the following screen. The edges of my view crowded with boxes full of data that I have no interest in, visual noise to me, with a sprinkling of player names stuck to every car, that intermittently obstruct my view when driving.


A quick visit to a few other servers gives me similar results, but often with different layouts. While single player is clean. It looks like 'Dedimania' (as can be seen in a header on a box to the left) is a server-side mod of some kind, and I can only assume it is responsible for the mess.

In short: How do I get rid of all the boxes and player names in multiplayer?
Essentially, I want the clean and minimal UI that I get in single player.

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According to the Maniaplanet forum, you can use either F7 or F12 to remove many of the server-side panels.

If you don't care so much about split times, you can use * on the numpad to remove all of the UI.

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F7 seemed to do the job, thanks – DMA57361 Mar 1 '13 at 19:14

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