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I'm trying to optimize the DPS and effectivity of my weapons. With that goal in mind, I would like to know how attachments that add damage effects to projectiles work.

Those attachments are:

I would like to know:

  • How do these attachments compare to each other in terms of damage added to each projectile?
  • How do they add damage?
    • Is it a multiplier or a constant amount added per projectile?
    • Are there attachments that will work better with low per projectile damage, high rate of fire weapons; instead of high per projectile damage, low rate of fire weapons, and vice-versa?
    • How do they stack with Upgrade Circuits that increase damage?
  • What are their effects on enemies? Does the enemy react differently, depending if the projectile that hit them comes with electricity, flame or acid?
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If it's anything like the first two, fire should do Damage Over Time. Not sure about the rest – Ben Brocka Mar 1 '13 at 13:43
Unrelated pro-tip: Cutter with tons of damage upgrades + Stasis attachment is brutal. All you need is just enough damage to sever limbs in one shot with the cutter. – Ben Brocka Mar 1 '13 at 13:48

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