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There are different stat affixes that affect the maximum stat attribute roll for each armor piece.

If we look at all the possible affixes for the Strength stat:

"Ruthless" (max +100 Vit and Str) and "of War" (max +200 Str, see affix Str 16 on "Strength [Amulet, Axe, Belt, Bow, Ceremonial Knife, Dagger, Fist Weapon, FollowerSpecial, Hand Crossbow, Mace, Mighty Weapon, Offhand, Shoulders, Spear, Sword, Wand]") are the best affixes, resulting in a total of 300 Strength and 100 Vitality on a perfect roll for a rare iLvl 63 shoulder.

Therefore it would be optimal to craft the Archon Spaulders of Vitality for a Barbarian, than a perfect Archon Spaulders of Strength would roll:

330 Strength and 200 Vitality,

but a perfect Archon Spaulders of Vitality would roll for:

300 Strength and 330 Vitality.

However the maximum possible stat affix for Dexterity and Intelligence armor is +200 for their respective stats.

For Intelligence, it's "Illustrious" (max +100 Int and Vit) and "of Far Sight" (max +100 Int).

For Dexterity, it's "Valiant" (max +100 Dex and Vit) and "of Pain" (max +100 Int).

So it makes more sense for a Barbarian to craft Vitality shoulders over Strength shoulders, but for other classes sticking with their main stat is better:

330 [Main Stat] and 200 Vitality vs. 330 Vitality and 200 [Main Stat].

Which plan provides the most optimal stat distribution for each piece of armor (including amulets) for each class?

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That would depend on your build, wouldn't it? Mostly, you'd just be looking for Main stat, Vit, crit chance + damage, and IAS. Resists and all resist are gravy on top of that. – Frank Mar 1 '13 at 20:04
That is true. DPS vs. EHP, and budget also play a factor, but I'm looking for the most optimal strategy for stats when craft. Lets say we are crafting a shoulder, would it be better to for a Barb to make a Vit shoulder over a Str shoulder, since shoulders can roll up to 300 Str, but less Vit than if you craft a Str Shoulder? – Krazer Mar 1 '13 at 20:20
just keep in mind you cut your chances of getting a good roll drastically going for spaulders of vit. – z ' Mar 12 '13 at 2:49

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