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My packrat-ness is getting to me, and I currently have 3 characters with banks just for storing items (one for purples, one for uniques, one for legendaries). What I'd really love to do is haxxor my Bank on one of those characters to be far larger. Gibbed's save editor seems to have potential but I don't see a specific option for this. I do however see a "raw" tab to edit specific data...but I also don't see any obvious way to do this.

So using Gibbed's save editor (or another tool) is there a way to modify my bank storage count for a character above the maximum you can otherwise buy via Eridium?

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Is it possible to look at the raw data of your other question, and compare overfilling your backpack to extending it's max size? –  Frank Mar 3 '13 at 19:18
@fbueckert Didn't see a backpack number, though there is a Bank Max Slots number...but bumping it to 100 had no effect –  Ben Brocka Mar 3 '13 at 21:53

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The easiest, and only way that I know of is to use Gibbed to overstuff the bank with any bankable item, and then swap it out with what you want to keep (You must swap or you will lose the space). I think the max is 42 slots.

You can also do this with your backpack, but its more trouble than it is worth unless you never want to trade with others or purchase from machines. I tried adding slots via the raw tab multiple times but they never stay after removing an item from the bank. The slot was just gone. The game must overwrite the added slots unless there is something in them.

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Just spawn them in using the save editor that's what I did and its working fine
(BTW the method above has now been patched)

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Problem with that is I'm storing legit items, not ones made in gibbed, so I can't just spawn them in with an overstuffed backpakc –  Ben Brocka Apr 19 '13 at 12:27

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