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One of the last things I have to do is complete 120 alchemy recipes. I was planning to use the formula I've collected as an in-game checklist, since it shows a ? if you haven't yet made an item.

As I began paging through my list I noticed that I'm missing a lot of very basic formula. For instance, formulas 1 through 5: Sandwich, Fishburger, Cheeseburger, Tonic, and Pixie Dew. I realize that I can just make these by following a guide online, and it does count towards my alchemy total, but I'm curious - where would I find these recipes that I've missed?

If it helps the only remaining quest I have is to complete the War God's Ax.

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Why the downvote? This seems like a legitimate question with a not obvious answer. – Yuck Mar 5 '13 at 23:51
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From FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke:

The formula come from talking with random people and completing errands.

  • Castaway Cove - woman on a small boat at the docks
  • Hamelin - gray haired man in front of Swift Solutions
  • Skull Mountain - sky pirate on the Iron Wyvern
  • Yule - ice-fishing tomte
  • Perdida - boy next to woman holding a baby llapaca
  • Perdida - Xanaduvian guard
  • Errands
    • 021: A Tail of Woe
    • 040: A Change of Heart
    • 057: The Mechanic's Lament
    • 059: Moving On
    • 064: The Hungry Llapaca
    • 069: The Runaway Fairies
    • 076: The Young Alchemist
    • 077: The Forest Alchemists
    • 078: The Master Alchemist
    • 085: Notes from the Center
  • Master Alchemist (after completing his errand and holding two items)
    • Heart of the Muse - Solosseum Series Rank A prize
    • Cad's Clasp - Porco Rosso drop
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