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I have these levels in world 3 unlocked:

  • 3-1, Leaflitter Path
  • 3-2, The Bafflewood
  • 3-3, Wiggler's Tree House
  • 3-4, Strike Lake
  • 3-5, Loop Loop River
  • And 3-6, Outlook Point.

Is there anything like a secret comet piece to get? I don't know how to get to Snifit or Whifit. (I think Snifit or Whifit's W1-10)

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There was a link to a walkthrough in one of your other questions. Have you given that a shot? – Frank Mar 6 '13 at 21:25

Snifit or Whifit takes places in W3-10, Stump Glade.

You won't be able to continue through to Stump Glade until you complete the next 3 worlds. I think that a descriptive walkthrough of each level required to get to this point is beyond the scope of this question, so I will instead point you in the right direction.

Unlocking W3-7:

Return to Wiggler's Tree House. Recall that there are 3 stumps in the room where you find Wiggler -- on top of each stump is a Comet Piece, but some are inaccessable because their scraps have been ripped out of the world. If you've completed through W3-6, then you should have the appropriate scrap to fix one of the stumps.

If you do not have the appropriate scrap to continue on, you may find it in W3-5, Loop Loop River. It is in the middle island in the first area of the level, stuck to a small hedge.

Paperize to fix the stump, and obtain the Comet Piece. On a more general note, the Comet Pieces in Wiggler's Tree House are the key to continuing on to the remainder of World 3.

By obtaining the Comet Pieces in the next 3 worlds and completing the objective in Wiggler's Tree House, you should be able to continue through World 3.

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Thanks, but I already figured it out. :/ – user43054 Mar 10 '13 at 23:20

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