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If I don't have Stella (she's not hanging out in front of the Defeated Monsters list anymore), can I still earn Accolades?

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If memory serves: You won't be awarded any new Accolades while she's away, but the game is still tracking your status, and you'll get a whole bunch of 'em at once when she comes back.

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Yes, I can still earn some Accolades, but others will be awarded after Stella returns.

While she was away, I earned Spelunker and Spunky Spelunker.

Shortly after she returned (and before I had cleared any more Grottoes), I earned Cave Dweller.

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And on subsequent entries into the Battle Records menu (without doing more towards each Accolades count), I earned Cave Dweller, Win-a-Lot Prime, and Churchgoer. – KatieK Nov 17 '10 at 5:51

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