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What do you have to do to play Counter-Strike 1.5 online?

Valve discontinued WON. Fans created WON2.

Is using WON2 the only way to play CS 1.5 online? Do you get a list of public servers (or how else do you find servers to play on)?

(FWIW, there seems to be a way to play 1.5 on Steam, but I don't want to use Steam.)

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An option you can use is connecting to the server directly.

But to do it you will have to know the IP address and the port of the server. When you know it, just start the game, open console(if you don't have the console button, enable it by adding -console in the shortcut after hl.exe(or whatever it is named)) and type:

connect <IP address of the server>:<port(27015 per default iIrc)>

Hope it helps.

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