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I'm playing my way through Bioshock (and then Bioshock 2) to prepare for Bioshock Infinite. I'm doing okay apart from I've got to a part where I have no weapons apart from a wrench and a camera. I want to shock the enemy using plasmids and then run up and whack him with my wrench, but I seem to move very slowly (this is all the time, not just in this area). Can I up my move speed at all or is there a button for sprint?

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Research the Thuggish Splicers to obtain the SportBoost physical tonics, which increases movement speed and also lets you swing your wrench faster. You can use both versions of this tonic at the same time.

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In Bioshock 2, the first speed boost tonic is acquired easily early on, but for the second you need to do a lot of camera research on spider splicers (the ones that climb on the roof a lot and carry hooks) and they only appear in one or two places in the game, so make sure you get it. I missed out. – MGOwen Sep 16 '13 at 4:31

I assume you are playing PC version.

Firstly check if you didn't press walk(should be CTRL) or crouch (C) buttons. So far I checked in forums thats most common problem. Otherwise it will be natural game speed.

While playing Bioshock 1 I don't remember having sprint, but in 2nd part you will be able to unlock charge with drill :D

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There's no way to move faster without tonics. I suggest taking cover, and shocking enemies at close range.

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