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Early in the game I got a combo by following a specific recipe of placing buildings next to each other: Eye Glasses store, Fruit Stand, Flower Cart. This created some huge windmill thing on top of the fruit stand, and apparently I get bonuses to the shops for arranging them this way. Is there a generic formula, or some other way I can determine how to arrange buildings to get these bonuses?

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According to here:

Combos are always made of two shops and a decoration, and they usually follow the theme of a particular kind of house. If you want to see all of them which are available, browse the decorations: the comments under them tell what two shops the decoration makes a combo with. If you don't see any more, it may mean you need to level up a little to unlock some new ones.

Note that in some cases, you will also need to upgrade a building a few times to be able to make a combo with it.

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