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On my PC, I have a non Xbox controller which has exactly the same button scheme as Xbox controllers. However, I cannot play a lot of Windows Live games (Fallout 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum) using it though because it's not a genuine Xbox controller.

Is there some sort of program that will allow me to emulate my controller so that it'll be recognized as an Xbox controller for the PC?

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Use the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator.

There's a handy guide, written for an older version, but could still be relevant to your needs.

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Disclaimer: I haven't tried this myself.

You can try a profiler like this one (paid) or this one (free). I'm sure there are others, too. It looks like they work by setting up a mapping between your controller and the keyboard/mouse, so you should be able to set your controller up without relying on the game recognizing it.

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